3rd & 4th Class

Welcome to Our 3rd and 4th Class Page


Oral Language Presentations

4th class were learning about mythical creatures. They prepared and presented their own presentation based on their own mythical creatures.

Stone Age

We have been learning about life in the Stone Age. Each group researched and presented their own project to the class.


We have been focusing on throwing in P.E. We have had lots of fun practising our skills using  bean bags, balls, javelins, discs and nets.

Winter Art

Hour of Code

We had lots of fun taking part in Hour of Code this year. Each child got the oppertunity to code a game like Flappy Bird, a dance game or a Minecraft  type maze.



We were very busy planting in 3rd and 4th class. We planted our winter window boxes as well as planting some new tyres at the front of our school.

Science Week

Maths Week

3rd and 4th Class had lots of fun during Maths Week! We all took part in Maths For Fun, Maths Trails, Maths games and many competitions. Congratulations to our Mathletes of the week Ethan and Patryk.


As part of the Baboró International Art Festival for Children, we went to the Mattie McDonagh Centre to watch a show.

Ról Imirt

Ag an fiaclóir


Hurling and Football

3rd and 4th class have been coached in both football and hurling this term.

School Garden

Some of the Children in 3rd and 4th class were hard at work in the school garden


We have been learning lots of new things in art. We were learning about primary and secondary colours in the colour wheel. We created beautiful trees using pointillism as well as entering some art competitions. Take a look at some of our fantastic work.


Third Class

Fourth Class


We have been practising our  gymnastics we have improved our poses and balance.

Gingerbread Houses

3rd and 4th class constructed 2 gingerbread houses using gingerbread, icing, edible glue and lots and lots of sweets.

Reindeer Painting

3rd and 4th class has a very unusual visitor to our class. Every child got to help design and paint our lovely reindeer. Our reindeer is currently on display in the Galway Christmas markets.

Science Week 2018

For Science Week 2018 each child demonstrated an experiment they researched. We took part in a science quiz with 5th and 6th Class and we also watched a science show. We had a science table in our classroom all week too.

Skype to Sollentuna

3rd and 4th class Skype called a school in Sweden. We learned about school in Sollentuna and we shared information about life in Ireland.


Maths Week 2018

3rd and 4th class took part in many maths activities each day. We did a maths trail around the school and we played maths games for fun.


3rd and 4th Class Earned Golden Time for their PAX Prize.

Each child could bring in a toy to play with in class.

Ról imirt- Bia

Some Children Planted New Plants For Winter

3rd and 4th Class Held their own Presidential Election. We also dressed up for Halloween.

We Learned about Autumn

We painted self portraits


Hurling training




Stone Age Projects

Take a look at the pictures of our Stone Age Projects. We hope you like them!

Maths Week

3rd and 4th Class partaking in Maths For Fun!

Making Butter

3rd and 4th class were learning about farming in the past. We made butter in class using only cream.


We were also learning about where food comes from. Especially all the different plants and grains we eat.  We learned that even sugar can come from a plant. We used plenty of different ingredients that come from the farm in our baking.