3rd & 4th Class

Welcome to Our 3rd and 4th Class Page.


Third Class

Fourth Class


We have been practising our  gymnastics we have improved our poses and balance.

Gingerbread Houses

3rd and 4th class constructed 2 gingerbread houses using gingerbread, icing, edible glue and lots and lots of sweets.

Reindeer Painting

3rd and 4th class has a very unusual visitor to our class. Every child got to help design and paint our lovely reindeer. Our reindeer is currently on display in the Galway Christmas markets.

Science Week 2018

For Science Week 2018 each child demonstrated an experiment they researched. We took part in a science quiz with 5th and 6th Class and we also watched a science show. We had a science table in our classroom all week too.

Skype to Sollentuna

3rd and 4th class Skype called a school in Sweden. We learned about school in Sollentuna and we shared information about life in Ireland.


Maths Week 2018

3rd and 4th class took part in many maths activities each day. We did a maths trail around the school and we played maths games for fun.


3rd and 4th Class Earned Golden Time for their PAX Prize.

Each child could bring in a toy to play with in class.

Ról imirt- Bia

Some Children Planted New Plants For Winter

3rd and 4th Class Held their own Presidential Election. We also dressed up for Halloween.

We Learned about Autumn

We painted self portraits


Hurling training




Stone Age Projects

Take a look at the pictures of our Stone Age Projects. We hope you like them!

Maths Week

3rd and 4th Class partaking in Maths For Fun!

Making Butter

3rd and 4th class were learning about farming in the past. We made butter in class using only cream.


We were also learning about where food comes from. Especially all the different plants and grains we eat.  We learned that even sugar can come from a plant. We used plenty of different ingredients that come from the farm in our baking.



Full Moon, Half Moon…..Total Eclipse!

In Maths we have been learning all about fractions. Take a look at some of our work.

Lines and Angles:

We have been learning about lines and angles in Maths. We used straws to construct houses – can you spot the right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles?


Maths week:

During Maths week we played lots of fun games and activities. We also went on a Maths-trail around the school. Who knew maths could be so much fun : )


We also did some geometric artwork….neat isn’t it!










Report Writing

We were learning all about Report Writing in English. We decided to write a report on many famous people we wanted to learn more about. We did lots of research about these famous people. Take a look at our Awesome Reports.


Procedural Writing:

We have been learning about procedural writing in english. For Halloween we decided it would be a good idea to write a recipe for some spooky smoothies! Just for a bit of fun we got to make our spooky smoothies and see if our recipes were easy to follow!

If you scare easily we advise you to look away now ; )!



We have been learning all about Mo Chorp in Irish. We made some cool booklets! Take a look






For Halloween we got to write our own story of Oiche Shamhna!









Some Halloween Fun!

DSC01903 DSC01904

 DSC01915                  DSC01913 - Copy


Archaeologists For The Day!

We have been learning all about the Normans in our history. We had gathered lots of interesting facts about the Normans in Ireland. We went on a excursion to Roscommon Castle!

Roscommon Castle is a Norman castle built in 1269 by king Edward the 1st. We got to see lots of cool stuff dating back to the Norman times! We got to see arrow loops, round loops and the remains of the Motte and drawbridge. It was lots of fun! Take a look at our video and some pictures of the day : )


Lava Lamp!

 Dancing Raisins!

History Timelines



Carol Singers

Look at our amazing carol singers! The children had great fun drawing these. What budding artists we have in our school!

Jack Frost

Jack Frost Was In Town! (Jack Frost Art)

Colour Wheel

We were learning about the colour wheel in Art. We created lots of beautiful colours by mixing the primary colours (yellow, red and blue).


 Edvard Munch:

We learned about the artist Edvard Munch and we looked at one of his most famous paintings. Did you know that Edvard had a very hard childhood? His most famous work is called ‘The Scream’ and some people say his inspiration came from his father telling him ghost stories as a young child!

Take a look at our representation of ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch:






We have been doing gymnastics for PE class.  We have been learning how to do different rolls and balances.  Here are some pictures of us doing our different exercises. We love PE class!



Ancient Egypt

We learnt all about Ancient Egypt.











We learnt all about materials and their properties in science.  We used lots of different materials to make make these ‘Handy Materials’ pictures.


We drew and painted portraits of ourselves.







Christmas Art Work

Look at our lovely Christmas artwork


 Christmas Celebrations

Santa came to visit our school on the day of the holidays.  We sang him a song and he gave us all a treat.


Christmas Jumpers

We all got into the festive spirit and  had a Christmas jumper day in school on the day of the holidays.


1916 Easter Rising

We have been very busy learning all about the 1916 Rising.  We learnt all about the GPO and the 7 signatories.  Look at the lovely painting we did of the GPO.



We also completed projects based on 1916.

20160316_105156 20160316_105146