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Our Fairytale Land Nativity Play:

We had so much fun practising and performing our wonderful play for all our family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came to watch us perform.

Santa Visit

Santa came to visit. There was great excitement when Santa came to visit all the boys and girls in Ballygar N.S. We were very lucky as he spent lots of time in the Junior and Senior Infant room.

Elf on the shelf

Our naughty elf has been up to his old tricks again this year!

Enjoying our new Playground equipment:

We are so excited about our new playground equipment! We are having lots of fun playing shopkeeper, bus driver, Gardí and customers.


We have great fun in our Aistear groups. We get to learn lots of new vocabulary and play with sand, water, junk art, construction blocks, and role play. We really love role play!

The Airport




We did lots of fun activities during maths week. We got to play lots of fun games!  We also went on a maths trail around the school!

Maths Trail

Congratulations to Igor and Katie for winning Mathlete of the week.

 Station Teaching

Four days a week Ms. King comes into the infant room to help with our English and Maths stations. Take a look at some of the work we get up to during station teaching time.

Developing our Oral Language skills


What budding artists we are in Junior and Senior infants


We love science and we get to investigate and do lots of cool experiments



Physically Active School:

We like to stay fit and healthy in our school. We get to do lots of physical activities inside and outside the classroom every day. We love our P.E lessons where we get to learn lots of new skills


Welcome to Our New Infants

A big warm welcome to our lovely new Infants. They are settling in very well and enjoying being in ‘Big School’ !

Take a look at some pictures of their first week.



Welcome to Our New Infants

A big warm welcome to our lovely new Infants. They are settling in very well and enjoying being in ‘Big School’ !

Take a look at some pictures of their first week.


SESE – People who Help Us

We have been learning all about people who help us. We are very lucky that we have a local Paramedic who very kindly brought the ambulance to our school. We had so much fun learning about the stretcher, the defibrillator and all the work a Paramedic has to do. A special word of thanks to Michael Bury for making this day so enjoyable and educational for all the school.


We are having so much fun learning lots of new skills in gymnastics this year!



We are very busy in our Doctors Surgery this month. Due to the changeable weather we have lots of colds and flu’s going around. We also had to deal with some major injuries. Thankfully we have lots of very qualified staff to keep us all safe and well.



The weather outside if frightful but our art is so delightful!


Autumn: Take a look at our Autumn role play. We had lots of fun in our Autumn garden, we were gathering up all the leaves, pulling pumpkins and having lots of fun ; )

Food: We were very busy in our class restaurant. Thank goodness we had lots of super staff on board to help out! We got a 5 star rating from a very special customer.

Homes: We have being learning all about homes and the different type of homes that people live in. We learnt that in different parts of the world people live in many different types of homes such as igloos, teepees and huts.  We had lots of fun in our Aistear ‘Home Corner’



Laying a solid foundation for our new home!

Miss Hanley  had lots of phone messages : )


 Architects in the making!


We love our maths stations! We are having lots of fun! We follow the Ready Set Go Maths programme and we are very lucky that Ms. King comes in to help us with our Maths and English every day.


We have being learning all about the Penguins. The cold weather makes us think of all the animals that can cope with the snow and ice.  We learned lots of interesting facts about Penguins.

Did you know that penguins cannot fly. A penguin has a layer of fat to keep it warm called blubber and groups of penguins are called colonies.

We also got to do some cool penguin art!

Memory boxes:

We were learning about growing and changing. We have grown up so much and we are becoming very independent in ‘big school.’ We made a presentation to our class with our very special memory boxes. Thanks so much to all our wonderful parents for sharing some very sentimental items with us.


During science week we had lots of investigations to carry out. We made a lava lamp, some dancing resins and we even got our happy dog to wag his tail….till it nearly fell off ; )

We have being learning all about changing state: We learned that some solids turn to liquid when heated.  Just to make sure our research was correct we got to make some lovely rice-crispy buns!!

We are learning all about Autumn. We learnt lots of big words like hibernation and migration. We were learning so much Miss Hanley though it was time to put our knowledge to the test! We went on a lovely nature walk and we found lots of signs of Autumn. We even learned how to identify some leaves and berries.

 Take a look at our fabulous nature table!


In science we have being learning all about colours; we discovered that not all colours are the same shade. After lots of investigation we decided the best way to sort the colours was by light and dark. Everyone had to find something in the classroom that was blue. We discovered that we had all different shades of blue! We needed to sort the colours into light and dark!



We love music; we had great fun playing some musical instruments to the tempo of our new song ‘I can sing a rainbow’


What budding artists we are in Junior and Senior infants:



Our claydough snowmen




Printing with food…..messy but cool


We are excellent artists! Take a look at our smiley faces and our Autumn wreaths.






Welcome to Our New Infants

We would like to say a special welcome to our new infants.  They are all settling in very well and coming to grips with being in “big school”!  Here are some pictures of them on their first day of school.

Maths Week

We were busy this week with our Maths games and a Maths Trail.

Aoibhinn 672

Aoibhinn 648

Aoibhinn 649  Aoibhinn 678

Role Play

Last week as part of our Aistear play we created a Construction Site. We built all sorts of things. We loved building. We had great fun!


We learned all about waterproofing in Science last week with Ms Glennon. Look at some of the pictures of us doing our experiments.


This week in PE we were doing Gymnastics with Miss Glennon.


We have been learning all about Autumn.  Look at our lovely autumn tree



Role Play

Look at our Halloween shop.  We love pretending to be the shopkeeper and customer.  There are loads of Halloween costumes and accessories for sale in our shop.


Aoibhinn 629 Aoibhinn 662 Aoibhinn 635 Aoibhinn 661









DSC01764 DSC01762


We love Maths Groups

We were busy making the number 7 in our senior infant maths groups. Junior infants were making the number 3. 

School 23rd Nov 2016 108

School 23rd Nov 2016 107

Science Week

We played with magnets and learned the words ‘attract’ and ‘repel’. We used magnets to make our way through a maze from a dog to his kennel.

School 23rd Nov 2016 128

       School 23rd Nov 2016 138School 23rd Nov 2016 127








School 23rd Nov 2016 124

School 23rd Nov 2016 127

 School 23rd Nov 2016 140

Our Community

This week we took a walk through town to learn all about our community






The Postman’s Visit

On Friday last our local Postman ‘Micheál’ came to our class to talk to us as part of our Community Theme. He told us all about his job and how much he loves being a postman.. This week in role play we have set up our own Post office.

Postman Micheál



DSC01881 DSC01880 - Copy

Our Halloween Pumpkins

DSC01908 DSC01907

Our Art work

DSC01671 DSC01670


Welcome to Our New Infants



We all dressed up for Halloween.  Look how scary we all look.

Science Week

We learnt all about floating and sinking during science week.  Look at some of the pictures of us doing our experiment.


We have been learning all about Winter.  We are hoping to look after the birds this Winter by making bird feeders to hang on the trees in the school yard.  We will be keeping an eye on all the different types of birds that come into our school yard to enjoy the food we will leave them.

Look at our winter tree.


Look at our lovely artwork.  We were busy making snowmen from cotton wool, paper and paint.  It was hard work but we really enjoyed it.  We learnt a lovely poem about making Snowmen.  We hope it will snow this Christmas and that we will be able to make lots of  real snowmen.



Bird Feeders

It can be very cold during the Winter and there is not much food for the birds.  We made bird feeders and hung them in the trees around our school so that the birds would not go hungry this Winter.


Some pictures of us making our bird feeders


We have been very busy learning all about Christmas and the story of the nativity

















Here are some of our paintings of the Nativity.













Puppet Show

We went to a variety show and enjoyed a great afternoon of entertainment in the Mattie McDonagh Centre on Wednesday 9th December.  First of all we participated in a sing-a-long and they all got into the spirit and we even showed off our dance moves.  We then watched a magic show. Niall Dowd was chosen as the magicians assisant and helped the magican perform tricks.  Finally we watchted a puppet show.  There were loads of characters in the show Granny Annie, Boris and the Wizard were some of the puppets in the show.


Here are some pictures of us during playtime 


We had a very special visitor on the day of the holidays.  We were really excited to see Santa.  We all told him what we wanted for Christmas and he gave us a treat.


We collected lots of recyclable materials and made some buildings.  Look at what me made

Ready, Set Go Maths

As part of school self evaluation in the area of numeracy, we have introduced the Ready, Set Go maths programme into our school.  For the last number of weeks our infants have been taking part in the programme.  Ready, Set Go is an activity based maths learning programme, designed to develop children’s number sense in a fun and stimulating environment.  This programme takes a very hands on approach to learning mathematical concepts and the children will explore concepts such as sorting, pattern, counting and understanding Number using concrete materials in small groups.   Every day Ms. Hanley and Mr. Crowe go into the Junior and Senior Infants to work with the children and Ms. King. The children are very enthusiastic and love Maths time!  Here are some pictures of the children working in their maths groups.


An octopus has 8 legs.  Look at our lovely octopi artwork



St Patrick’s Day

Junior and Senior Infants were busy making St Patrick Day Hats

Our Writing

We have lovely writing. Here is some of Senior Infants writing.