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Halloween Dress Up!

We got to dress up for Halloween and had a little party. It was such a fun day. Click on the link to check out some of our scary costumes! Halloween Dress Up

Maths Week

We had lots of fun for maths week! We explored lots of 3D shapes using marshmallows and matchsticks, we got to play some fun maths games and go on a maths trail too. Please click here for more pictures on what Junior and Senior Infants got up Maths Week Pictures

Butter Making!

In Aistear Junior and Senior Infants have been busy on the farm and selling lots of fruit, vegetables and dairy products at the farmers market! We put our knowledge to the test and we made some delicious butter. We learned all about how people made their own butter years ago using churns and we watch a fun video to see the process in action. Unfortunately we had no churns on the day but we had lots of powerful muscles and we made some deliciously smooth butter! Click on the link to see some more pictures Butter making

Leaf Hunt!

Junior and Senior Infants had great fun in the wind collecting lots of different leaves for our squirrel art. We tried to identify the leaves we had picked. We also learned lots of interesting facts about squirrels. Did you know that  the word squirrel is derived from the Greek word ‘Skiouros’, which means ‘shadow-tail’ . Check out some of our fun pictures here Leaf Hunt


World Book Day:

To celebrate World Book day the children dressed up as their favourite characters and gave a short presentation on their favourite book. During our presentations we read a short extract from the book and had a look at some of the fantastic illustrations. Take a look at some of our amazing costumes and presentations here

Engineers Week:

To celebrate Engineers Week we researched some of the tallest buildings in the world. We then designed and created our own version of that building. We certainly have some budding engineers in the making! Take a look at some of our fantastic work here

We also designed and made our very own wind powered cars. We worked very hard on them take a look at our inventions here

We are a very talented bunch!

We are learning all about the importance of our many talents. We are all good at lots of different activities and this is what makes us such a special class. First we did a lovely mindfulness activity called ‘Treasure Island’ we then discussed and drew pictures of our many talents. Take a look at our work here

Distance learning

We have all been working so hard from home and Ms. Hanley is so proud of all the work we have done! Take a look at our STEM challenges, art projects, bird feeders and how we celebrated international Lego day! Distance Learning Pictures

Santa’s workshop

We had great fun in Aistear! We were working very hard in Santa’s workshop

Click here to see some more pictures Santa’s Workshop

Santa visits Ballygar National School

There was great excitement when Santa took some time out of his very busy schedule to come and talk to the boys and girls in Junior and Senior infants.

See lots more pictures of Santa’s visit on our news page!

We were working so hard all year to celebrate we got to have a hot chocolate party : )

Christmas Art

We were learning all about polar bears and endangered Arctic animals in SESE.  Did you know that polar bears appear white but their fur is actually transparent?

Take a look at our furry polar bears!

We drew and designed our own Christmas trees : )

 We also got to make some cool snowglobes

Take a look at some more pictures here Snowglobes

Our Elf on the Shelf

Our elf was very naughty this year. Click here to take a look at some of the mischief he got up to! The Elf on the Shelf

Not forgetting the true meaning of Christmas

We know how important it is to remember the true meaning of Christmas, here we are visiting the crib and practicing for our online carol service.

Station Teaching

We love stations as we get to do lots of different activities at each station. We have literacy and maths stations four days a week. We are in groups of four/five and we get to work with our teacher. It is lots of fun and it makes learning new things a lot easier! Take a look at some pictures here Station Teaching

Making Shakers

We were learning all about sound and decided to investigate what materials made a loud/soft sound. We designed and made our own shakers. We discovered that our sugar shakers made a soft sound while the rice and dried peas made a louder sound. Take a look at the fun we had making our shakers! Shakers

Sound Walk

We went on a sound walk around our school we drew pictures of the loud/ soft sounds we discovered. See some more pictures here Sound Walk


We love yoga

Did you know that yoga can help strengthen children’s growing bodies, manage anxiety, boost self-esteem and helps us with our concentration and memory. Here are some pictures of us practicing our yoga techniques Yoga


We have art every week where we get to explore different forms of art. We have made some spiky clay hedgehogs and did some print work using different fruits and vegetables and lots lots more! Take a look at some budding artists in the making!  Art

Maths Week 2020

We had lots of fun for maths week! We explored lots of 2D shapes in our local environment and we got to play some fun maths games too. Please click here for more pictures on what Junior and Senior Infants got up to during maths week Maths Week

Science Week

What an exciting week we had for Science Week we had discovered how to blow up our own balloon without a pump, we made an erupting volcano and took on an egg drop challenge! See more pictures here Science Week

At The Restaurant

We were very busy in our class restaurant; we were taking orders, cooking food and dealing with some very rude customers! Click here to see some of our Aistear groups for the theme of ‘At the Restaurant’ At the Restaurant


Halloween Fun

We got to dress up for Halloween and had a little party. It was such a fun day. Click on the link to check out some of our scary costumes and to find out who won the fáinne in our bairín breac Halloween Fun

Ról Imirt

Our Autumn Garden

In Aistear we had great fun in our Autumn Garden. We had to rake up all the leaves, plant bulbs for spring and harvest all the crops. We were extremely busy! Click here to see some more pictures Autumn Garden

  A Visit to Aghrane Forest

We are learning all about autumn. We learnt lots of big words like hibernation and migration. We were learning so much Miss Hanley though it was time to put our knowledge to the test! We had a fun filled day in Aghrane forest. We discovered lots of signs of autumn and found all the items on our scavenger hunt checklist. There is so much to explore in this beautiful local amenity.

Take a look at some more pictures from our adventure here: Autumn adventure in Aghrane forest

Memory boxes

We were learning about growing and changing. We have grown up so much and we are becoming very independent in ‘big school.’ We made a presentation to our class with our very special memory boxes. Thanks so much to all our wonderful parents for sharing some very sentimental items with us.

Take a look at some more of our fabulous presentations here: Memory Boxes

Welcome to our new infants!

We would like to say a special welcome to our new infants. They are all settling in very well and coming to grips with being in “big school”! Here are some pictures of them on their first week of school. First week at ‘big school’

Gold Award

Well done to the Junior and Senior Infants class of 2018/2019 who won a gold rosette in the Incredible Edibles programme. We are one of a very small number of schools to be awarded a gold cert. The boys and girls worked very hard throughout the year. Thank you to all the parents who also got involved and sent in lots of lovely pictures of their children buy and cooking Irish produce.

Our Fairytale Land Nativity Play:

We had so much fun practising and performing our wonderful play for all our family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came to watch us perform.