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First and Second class had a very busy term. Here is a taste of some of the things we got up to since Halloween. We had great fun doing various Science Experiments for Science Week in November. See our Photos.



We did lovely paintings using the Primary Colours. See photos of us doing our paintings and see how they turned out.


In Maths we studied Graphs and each group gathered data and made a Block Graph.

 Shoebox Appeal

We in First and Second class brought in lots of shoeboxes for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. We had great fun “passing the parcel” when the shoeboxes were collected from the school.


In art we painted Our Winter Trees. Didn’t we do a great job!


In P.E. this term we were learning how to “Jump for Height” – we practiced this skill which will be useful in some team sports such as Basketball, football, hurling, camogie etc. See lots of pictures practicing this skill.


Some children from fifth and sixth class came to present their project on Tigers. We loved hearing all about tigers and seeing their pictures and drawings. Well done to Oliwia, Tiernan, Hayden and Conor for a most informative presentation.


In Art we also made lovely Penguins. We really enjoyed this activity and hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of them.


See us all dressed up in our Halloween costumes. Aren’t we a scary bunch!!!


1st and 2nd class have had a very busy first term. We learned all about “Mé fein” in Irish and drew lovely self portraits. Don’t we look well!!


In art in September we painted lovely autumn trees and did finger painting to add the autumn leaves. We really enjoyed this activity.


We in 1st and 2nd class continue to enjoy “active school breaks” which help us stay fit and help our bodies and brains work better.


In science this term we learned about all the different trees and their nuts and fruits. Thanks to all the parents who brought their children on ‘nature walks’ and brought in loads of samples. Some members of the class also visited the other classrooms and told them about what they had learned.



Second class did lots of pair work in Maths. We love doing pair work.


We studied “Time Lines” in history. We brought in pictures and each group made a “Time Line”. See us in our groups and then showing “Our Time Lines”.


We made a lovely  ‘Circle of Friends’ in “Grow in love”. We are very proud of it.


We really enjoyed “Maths week” this year. We did our best at the Maths board and enjoyed doing “Our Maths Trail” outside. We also had great fun playing maths games in the classroom and on Friday for maths games day.


We attended and “Acrobatic Display” in the Mattie McDonagh Centre on Wed October 16th which we enjoyed very much.


We launched the “Readathon” in 1st and 2nd class. We are busy reading lots and lots of books.


We studies Arial Views or Birds Eye Views in Geography this term. Each of us did a “Birds Eye View” of our bedrooms and in school each group made a “Birds Eye View” of our classroom. We worked really well together to do this activity.


For Halloween art we designed our own masks. Didn’t we do a great job!


1st and 2nd class were busy this term at their maths. We worked in pairs as we learned all about Area.


We also worked in pairs and groups doing lots of measuring. We used lollipop sticks, tens links and lots of other things to help with our measuring. We really enjoyed these activities and learned a lot from them.




In Gaeilge we were “ag Siopadóireacht”. We worked in pairs taking turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer.


This term Saibhe from from 2nd class gave us a lovely recital on her violin. Well don Saibhe.


1st and 2nd class achieved great success in their swimming lessons at Roscommon Leisure Centre this term. As well as learning a lot we also had great fun! See us with our swimming certificates.

Our School Tour

1st and 2nd class had a great day on our School Tour to Upsie Daisies in Roscommon. See our photos before we left the school that morning and I bet you can see how excited we were!


Rainy Day

In Gaeilge and English 1st and 2nd class have been talking about the weather. See our lovely “Rainy Day” art which we did using oil pastels, permanent black markers and sponge painting. We each did a self portrait with an umbrella. Don’t we look well in the rain!

The Good Shepherd

Second Class are busy preparing for our First Penance/Sacrament of Reconciliation. We are learning all about the “Good Shepherd”. We all made sheep in our Art Class and we really hope you like our “Good Shepherd” display.

                      The Good Shepherd


In science this month we had great fun experimenting with things that float and sink.  See us in our groups doing our experiments.

Active School Flag

We here in 1st and 2nd class are working very hard trying to achieve our “Active School Flag”. We are getting fitter every day running and skipping. We are having great fun and learning a new skill.

Christmas 2018

1st and 2nd class really enjoyed making the gingerbread house. We enjoyed eating it even more on the day we got the school holidays. Thank you so much to the Dovander Family.We hope you like the pictures.


In S.P.H.E. this month, 1st and 2nd class were discussing home and families. We used circle time to talk about the good things and not so good things about living in a family. In the end everyone agreed that being part of a family is mostly very good even though some things can be annoying.  As a follow-up to our S.P.H.E.we did family portraits using thick black markers, oil pastels and we painted the background using a colour wash. We hope you like them!


Science Week

To celebrate “Science Week” we did some experiments. We used lemon juice t make invisible ink. We wrote messages using the lemon juice and when the lemon juice had dried we were able to reveal the messages by gently heating the paper with a hairdryer.

We also did experiments using blown up balloons charging them on our hair and we made them gather up pieces of tissue paper and bend water coming from the tap! We really enjoyed the Science show also.


In maths we did lots of block graphs. The whole class did some first then each group gathered data and made their own block graph. Each group then told the whole class about their graph and other children asked them questions about it. We really enjoyed this activity.




Welcome back from all in 1st and 2nd class. The new 1st class are settling into their new classroom- getting lots of help and encouragement for 2nd class. This month in S.P.H.E. and Circle Time we have been learning how to give and receive compliments. Everyone in the class felt very happy after this activity.

We have also been discussing positive things about ourselves. See our lovely “Names” artwork which we really enjoyed doing. We each wrote eight positive things about ourselves around our names. We are going to try to continue giving compliments to each other and to others at home and at school throughout the year.


In Science we have been studying “Materials” and their properties. We had great fun going on a materials hunt in the school grounds. In the classroom in our “pairs” we examined the properties of these materials. See how we enjoyed both these activities and learned lots!


This week in SESE we were sowing Water Cress. We sowed the seeds in eggshell and yogurt pots. We can’t wait to see them grow. We hope you like the pictures of us sowing them and when they have grown we will put up more pictures of the finished product!


We had great fun in our classroom yesterday making pancakes for pancake tuesday. We all got  a turn at cooking them and of course we ate every single bit of them!!!!Yummy!!!!

We wish it was Pancake Tuesday every Tuesday!


This week in art class we made heart shaped mice for valentine’s day. We really enjoyed making them. We hope you like our pictures!

Christmas Trees

This week in art we had great fun making Christmas trees and Cribs.  Take a look at our pictures. We hope you like them as much as we do.

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This week in Art class we did bare winter trees covered in snow. It was great fun. See our pictures below.

 Caring for our Environment

1st and 2nd class cooperated with each other to make “Caring for our Environment” posters. They really enjoyed doing these posters.

Maths Trail

Pictured below are 1st and 2nd class boys and girls enjoying doing their maths trail both inside and outside. We really enjoyed Maths Week.

1st Class

Pictured below are our boys and girls in 1st class for 2017/18. We hope they will be very happy in our room and they are all very welcome!





2nd Class

Here is a picture of our Second class for 2017/18. We hope they enjoy 2nd class. It will be a big year for them as they will receive their First Holy Communion in May 2018. We wish them lots of luck and hope they enjoy 2nd Class.


Circle of Friends

Last week in Religion Class we were learning all about Our Circle of Friends. We all drew ourselves and coloured in the pictures. We really enjoyed doing this and then we sang the Circle of Friends Hymn. We really value our Friends.


This week we were learning all about fruits, nuts and trees in Autumn. When we were finished we went to visit the 5th and 6th class boys and girls in Mrs O’Connor’s room where we shared our knowledge with them. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.


DSC03248 Autumn Fruits, nuts and trees

 Leaf Rubbings

In our SESE class we also learned how to do leaf rubbings. We had great fun doing this class.


See all the lovely Hedgehogs we did in Art Class this week. We think they look very cute.

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In History we were learning all about timelines. See the photo timelines each group made.



1st and 2nd class have been very busy this week. They painted pictures of Hyacinths and Tulips using potato print and bottle tops. Such beautiful colours.

Below is some pictures of our artwork!We hope you like them!


The Good Shepherd

Also this week in Art the 2nd class children painted pictures of “The Good Shepherd”. In this art lesson they used sponge painting and reverse printing techniques. Didn’t they turn our well! See our pictures below!

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 Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine


In History lesson, 1st and 2nd class have been comparing what kitchens were like long ago (The Hearth) and what kitchens are like now in the more modern times. We did some beautiful drawings of what kitchens looked like in the old days with the hearth and and kitchens nowadays. The boys and girls really enjoyed doing these pictures.




St Bridgid’s Cloak

The boys and girls from 1st and 2nd class were very busy during art class designing a St Bridgid’s Cloak. They were using fabric and fibre to design the cloak. They had great fun during this class and really enjoyed working with fabric and fibre.

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This week in PE we have been doing Gymnastics. We have been practising our different balances and rolls. We really enjoy Gymnastics!


Everyone drew the four swans from the Children of Lir

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Story Boards

All the boys and girls made story boards about “The Children of Lir”. They really enjoyed doing this.

The Children of Lir


Food Pyramid

We were learning all about the Food Pyramid. We learned so much about all the things we eat. We then went on to make our own Food Pyramid.

Our Food Pyramid



DSC01893 DSC01894 DSC01892 DSC01891 - Copy DSC01890 - Copy DSC01889


Look at our lovely artwork



Look at our lovely ‘Mé Féin’ portraits.

DSC01759 DSC01760



We have been busy learning all about the signs of autumn.  Look at our lovely writing about autumn.

DSC01756 DSC01755


We have been learning all about how to care for our environment.  Look at these lovely posters that we designed about caring for our environment





Here are some pictures of us making our 1916 collage.










Mé Féin

We were learning how to speak about ourselves in Irish.  Look at our ‘Mé Féin’ posters.




We were learning all about Winter.  Look at our lovely winter drawings.


We also made lovely winter trees.


Raindrops keep falling on our heads

Look at our lovely artwork.


We learnt all about Christmas.  Look at our lovely Christmas Tree artwork.


We had a very special visitor on the day of the holidays.  We were all so excited to see Santa arriving on a boat.  We sang Rudolf to Santa and he gave us all some treats.

20151222_105924 - Copy


We all got into the Christmas spirit and wore Christmas jumpers for Santa’s visit.




 Science Experiments

Here are some photographs of our latest science experiments where we learned all about gravity.

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Summer Flipflop Art