1st and 2nd Class

News from 1st and 2nd Class

Welcome from 1st and 2nd class 2022/2023.


We have been learning Spanish on Fridays. We have already learned lots of phrases and cannot wait to learn more.

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We use STEM a lot in our classroom. We have made patterns, created data charts and built some very creative structures.

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Watermelon pops

We have been learning all about procedural writing. We have looked at recipes and bossy verbs. We also made watermelon pops and bookmarks.

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We created some beautiful art for Easter, we even got to make some cute bunnies.

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We have been very lucky to have hip hop every Monday for a number of weeks. We learned so many new dances and Tik Toks.

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We have visited the library a number of times this year. Take a look at some of our visits.

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1st and 2nd class have been very busy creating some beautiful art to decorate our classroom and our school.


1st and 2nd class have been learning about Autumn. We went on an Autumn hunt. We looked for signs of Autumn around our school. We even did some leaf printing.

Check out some more photos here: Autumn Pictures

Chair Yoga

We had great fun getting involved in some live chair yoga sessions in school.

Check out some more pictures here: Chair Yoga



We did lovely Autumn Art. We designed Autumn leaves using the “Pointillism” painting technique. See us enjoying this activity in our lovely pictures below.

Maths Week

We had great fun during Maths Week. We did a “Maths Trail” outside and played maths games. See our pictures below.


We designed Masks in art for Halloween. See the pictures below of us dressed up on our Halloween costumes.

Science Week

We really enjoyed “Science Week”. We were doing lots of experiments. See our pictures below.


We also really enjoyed doing our “Self Portrait Rainy Day Art”. See how well we look in the Pics below.


For our Christmas Art we made lovely cribs to hang in our homes. See pics below.

First & Second Class Pictures

First and Second Class have been very busy at school this year. Here are some to the activities we’ve been doing and you can see all the pictures of the various different activities at the end.

Engineers Week

We used our Engineers skills to design wind powered cars.  Click on the link at the bottom to see our terrific inventions.

World Book Day

We all dressed up for World Book Day on March 5th. We had great fun. Click on the link at the bottom to see our pics of our costumes on the day.


In art we made lovely Mothers Day Cards for our Mothers. Click on the link below to see our beautiful cards.

Yellow Day

We really enjoyed “Yellow Day” on April 28th. We all dressed in yellow and took part in yoga in the classroom and we “Walked a Mile with a Smile”. We also helped raise funds for Pieta House. Click on the link below to see our pics.


In Science we learned about the materials used in Building Houses. Click on the link below to see our lovely 3D housed that we made. Also in Science we did some experiments to examine if they are waterproof. We also learned about the “Lifecycle of the Butterfly”. We integrated this with Art and made lovely caterpillars. We also integrated this with Maths by making symmetrical Butterflies. Click on the link below to see our pics.

First Penance

Second class receive their First Penance on June 10th. We did lots of art work to celebrate this very special occasion. Click on the link below to see our art and photos of us on our very special day.

Fun Day

First and Second class really enjoyed “Our School Fun Day” on June 9th. Click on the link below to see the photos of us having a terrific time enjoying all the activities.

Active Schools Week

We had a very special “Active Schools Week” from June 14th – 18th. We took part in Football Training, Wall Challenge, Obstacle Course, Yoga and we had a brilliant sports day. Click on the link below to see our pictures.

First and Second Class Photographs

Hello from 1st and 2nd class 2020/2021.  Here are some of the things we’ve been up to in school this term.

Engineers Week

Please find link below for Engineers Week.


World Book Day

First and second class had lots of fun dressing up as their favourite characters and presenting their books to the class. Have a look at some of our characters here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1djL_Jd9YhXZcN6Srh-s1jhgBHarE2Gnh?usp=sharing


In Maths we were learning all about 2D shapes. We did 2D shape collages in Art. We hope you like them as we had great fun doing this.

Maths Pics


We did lots of Christmas Art this year. We had great fun and really enjoyed these activities. We hope you like our pictures.

Christmas Art Pics


In S.E.S.E. we learned all about the Squirrel and we drew pictures of the squirrel. Didn’t we do a good job. We really enjoyed that activity.

We also learned about the Hedgehog in S.E.S.E. this term. We are very proud of our Hedgehog pictures – some of us even gave our Hedgehog a name!

Squirrel and Hedgehog Pictures


In Gaeilge we learned lots of phrases and words about “Mé Féin”. We also did Self-portraits in Gaeilge and displayed them in the Classroom. Hope you like them!

Gaeilge Pictures


In English Mrs Watson read The Twits by Roald Dahl to us. We really enjoyed listening to the hilarious tale. Each of us drew a picture of Mr and Mrs Twit. We loved doing that activity and hope you enjoy seeing our pictures.

English Pics – The Twits


We also painted lovely autumn trees this term. We traced around our hand to from the trunk and the branches and then we added the multi-coloured autumn leaves using a cotton bud. See photos of us enjoying doing that activity.

Art – Autumn Trees


One of our topics in S.E.S.E. (Geography) this term was My Locality. We learned lots of interesting things about Our Locality. Each of us then drew a picture of “My Favourite Place in my Locality”. We discovered that many children’s favourite place in the locality is Aughrane Forest while others preferred the park. Everyone showed his/her picture to the class and explained the reason for picking that place.

SESE – My Locality


First and Second Class did lots of things to celebrate Maths Week this year. Each of us filled in our Birth Month in our School Birthday Chart. We also did a Maths Trail in our groups. We had to work together inside the classroom and outside the school when completing the Trail. We always enjoy doing Maths this way.

As part of Maths Week Mrs Watson gave us a Maths Problem to solve each day. Congratulations to Ellen, Sabina, Finín, Johnny and Abbie for winning the daily prize for Problem of the Day.

On the final day of Maths Week we had great fun playing Maths Games. Maths Games make Maths such fun!

Congratulations to Weronika in 2nd class and Ruth in 1st class who were both awarded Maths Week Certificates for working so hard at their Maths. Well done girls!

Maths Pictures


First and Second Class also enjoyed lots of P.E. outside this term. See photos of us doing our exercises and playing games in the Tennis court.

PE Pics